About us

TISCASS was established in 2009 as a result of educational and research cooperation between "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse - Bulgaria, the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies - Romania, and the Ternopil "Volodimir Hnatyuk" National Pedagogical University - Ukraine. It will operate as an international structure for research activities in the area of social sciences.


At the stage of its establishment TISCASS unites researchers in the following areas: European studies, International relations and foreign policy, International economic relations, Economic history and geography, Law and political studies, Intercultural and applied communication.

TISCASS is integrated into the structure of all three partner universities with decisions of their Academic councils, respectively as TISCASS-Bulgaria, TISCASS-Romania, TISCASS-Ukraine.


At each of the partner universities TISCASS has a team leader and a research team of TISCASS members. The team leaders form an international management board, where decisions are taken unanimously. The team leaders coordinate their decisions with the Academic councils of the partner universities.

Being a joint structure TISCASS exists in the virtual space, where a specially created website informs about the objectives, the mission, the activities, the projects and the team members of the center and serves as a platform for the publication of scientific research and discussion of scientific inquiries and results.