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Title, name:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Juliana Popova

University of Ruse, Bulgaria
Department of European Studies

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management
Deputy Director of Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center (BRIE)

Teaching Experience:
Bachelor programmes: Intercultural Communication, Organizational Communication, Corporate Culture;
Master programmes: International Negotiations, Intercultural Communication (in English)

Major Fields of Scientific Research:
Intercultural Communication,
Cross-cultural Management

Membership in Scientific of Professional Bodies:
Bulgarian Union of Scientists
International Association of Cross-cultural competence and Management – Vienna, Austria

International Experience:
Member of the editorial board of:
-European Journal in Cross-Cultural Competence and Management
-Innovative Management Journal;
Key-note speaker within the frames of the project Intercultural Knowledge Research and Intercultural Knowledge Management;
Invited lecturer in Intercultural Communication – University of Chemnitz, Germany (Erasmus mobility);
Deputy Director of Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center (BRIE)

Participation in Projects:

  • 5 research projects within the frames of Scientific Investigation Fund at University of Ruse (leader);
  • Project coordinator of BRIDGE (Bulgarian-Romanian Initiative for Democracy as a Guard-post of Europe)- PHARE CBC project
  • Models of promoting and sustaining the tourism in the Danube areas - PHARE CBC project.
  • Prospects for a Euroregion at the Danube Bridge” – a project, financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education
  • Establishing BRIE, a project of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe, coordinated by the German Rectors’ Conference
  • Theory and methods in the study of intercultural knowledge and interaction” – a project of the Research Institute for European Affairs, Vienna University of Economics and Business administration and the European Commission,Research DG, Human potential programme, High level scientific conferences.
  • Culture and Management – Management and Culture, a projectfunded by the Research Institute for European Studies, VUEBA
  • Bulgarian Management Institutions Development, British Know How Fund project
  • Tempus SME 1072-95 on Faculty Management
  • Tempus JEP 07604-94 on Provision of Languages and European Studies at Bulgarian Universities

Principal publications (max 10)

Popova, J. Methods for exploration of subjective culture and intercultural communication (under print);
Popova, J., E. Kolarov. Subjective culture. Subjective rights. Ruse, 2006, 117 p. ISBN-10: 954-712-321-1; ISBN-13: 978-954-712-321-2;
Roth, J., J. Popova. Intercultural communication. Ruse, 2005, 121 p., ISBN: 954-712-272-Х;
Popova, J. Organizational communication. Ruse, 2005, 100 p. ISBN: 954-712-303-3;
Popova, J. Cultural specificity of affective meanings in Bulgarian language (psycholinguistic aspects). Ruse, 2002.

More than 50 articles in the area of intercultural communication and cross-cultural management.


“Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse
8 Studentska St, Ruse, 7017 BG
T: (+359 82) 82 56 67
T: (+359 82) 888 813


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