Viorel Mionel

Title, name:
Assistant Prof. Lyudmila Dicheva-Sokolova

Organization: Department of European Studies

Position: Lectuerer

Teaching Experience: 29 years

Major Fields of Scientific Research: British and Bulgarian Area Studies, European Social and Cultural History, Business Communication

  • Membership in Scientific or Professional Bodies: International Association in Cross-cultural Competence and management, Vienna, Austria
  • Bulgarian Association in British Studies, Sofia
  • Union of Scientists – Ruse, European Studies Section


International Experience:
Work with BRIE students-Romania;
8 classes with Belgian students at KATHO University College-2007

Participation in Projects
Participation in research projects:

  • British perception of Bulgaria and the Bulgarians in the British Consular reports from 1864-1911 – the project was carried out with the active assistance of European Studies students- 2002
  • Jacobinism in the Socialist Movements on the Balkans – 2003
  • Intercultural Dialogue – Arenamedia and Open Society Foundation- 2008

Participation in educational projects:

  • Seminar on the problems of higher education, Varna, May 2002 – organized by Civic Education Project Foundation
  • Train the trainers seminar within the European Studies framework for South-East Europe ,Ruse,  September 2002- organized by the Centre for European Integartion-Bonn, Germany and the University of Ruse
  • SOCRATES/ ERASMUS from 1999 to present

Principal publications (max 10):
Dicheva, L. 19th Century Education Reforms in Bulgaria in: Goliamata Promiana (Problems and achievements of Modernisation in Europe in the 19th Century), Veliko Tarnovo, 1999, pp. 90-116

Dicheva, L., Petrova, R. The Syllabus of Anglophone Socio-cultural Environment: a Bridge to Understanding “Otherness”, University of Ruse Proceedings, Volume 37, book 6, 1999, pp. 124-128

Dicheva, L. The Image of Bulgaria in the Reports of the British Consuls at the End of the 19th and the Beginning of the 20th Century, University of Ruse Proceedings, Volume 39, book 9, 2002, pp. 63-67

Dicheva,L. Two Hundred Years Anniversary of Anti-slavery Legislation within the British Empire, University of Ruse Proceedings, Volume 46, series 5, 2007, pp. 30-35

Dicheva,L. The Unsuccessful Mission of Major Thompson as a Reflection of British Foreign Policy to Bulgaria during the Second World War, University of Ruse Proceedings, Volume 46, series 5, 2007, pp. 26-29

Dicheva, L. Anglo-American Attitudes to Bulgaria (1876-1914), University of Ruse Proceedings, series 6, 2008,

Dicheva, L. The Case–studies Teaching Method in the USA and Britain, Project – 2008-FBM - 03, under print

Department of European Studies
University of Ruse
8 Studentska Street
Ruse-7017/ Bulgaria


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