Viorel Mionel

Title, name:
Professor, D Sc Vladimir Stefanov Chukov

Organization: Ruse University “Angel Kanchev”

Position: Lecturer

Teaching Experience: 20 years

Major Fields of Scientific Research: International Relations, Middle East Studies

Membership in Scientific of Professional Bodies: EAMES, EARN, CESS, European Consortium for Political Research

International Experience: Central European University, American Research Institute in Turkey, Institute for Islamic Studies, UK, New Europe College, Romania 

Participation in Projects: Local Governance in Multiethnic Societies in SEU, CEU, Dialog of Civilizations, ISS, UK  

Principal publications: History of Political Ideas, Foreign Policy and Ideas, Islamic Fundamentalism

Contacts: Sofia, 1113, P.O. Box 86, Tel: 359 2 872 91 65


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